Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hard work, pays off.

So I've been working really hard for the past two months trying to get this outfit made. I finally finished it friday [april 17,2009], and it was the best feeling in the world!

Looking at it realizing that I made it was the coolest thing. Honestly, I tend to doubt my ability to do accomplish things, so when I do its like this major deal.
I really love Fashion Design and my heart is completely there, like love tattooed on my heart, its my true passion.

What I'd do without it, um who knows?!

Well, I can thank my God for helping me pull through with this, because I really did want to give up and say this is too much, but I followed through and worked super hard to get the job done.


  1. It looks absolutely fantastic! I love that accomplished feeling too! Whenever I don't feel like finishing something, I try to think about how good it will feel when I'm done!

  2. It looks amazing!
    How can I get this?
    check out my blgo, comment, and follow!

  3. I would so totally, absolutely wear that. Thanks for digging my blog! I totally dig yours :)

  4. super cute dress! i wish i had as much patience as you!