Sunday, October 4, 2009


Today has been amazing! I attended church, as I do almost every Sunday. But today...was different! I felt God more than ever on this day.

I have been going through so much, lately and doubting within my mind that God wasn't real. But today, there's no doubt at all that God is real! Being in His presence is an honor. He doesn't have to allow for me to feel Him or witness exactly what it is that He can do, but He did! It was the most amazing thing. It was like an out-of-the body type of experience and really all you can say is "Thank You God, Glory be to Your Name!" Truly Wonderful.

My knees trembled, tears were rolling down my face, and I felt surrounded completely by something Powerful and Wonderful!

I'm glad that God continues to love me even though I have flaws and I continue to screw up. It feels great to know that He is there, and that is Real and that everything He says He will do, He will! My heart and soul feels lifted and I constantly feel the desire to smile and shake off every awful thought and all that has been hurting me. God loves me, He loves You, and if you don't believe it...Just Try Him!

God, I Thank You!

Be Blessed.

Alana Alston.

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