Sunday, March 29, 2009

Best of Me.

Talk about the weirdest week, ever !
Ive been through hell and back this week. Then this monring God woke me up and off to church I went, only to get there and feel the best relief ever. I can't even sit and descirbe the pain I've felt this week. I have cried so much, I mean its ridiculous. This pain isnt physical, its mental, and it was killing me.
Friends would ask, lana whats wrong...and all I could say was nothing.
I feel so much better, and honestly God's love is the reason. He continues to be there for me, I may slip off sometimes and forget all that He has promised me and what He said He'd do for me.
I put my foot down today, and Declared that last night would be the last night that I ever cried about the circumstance I am in.
God is so good, and we all have to remember that with Him we cannot fail, failure is not connected with God, He wants us to win, to be happy and have peace.
I love Him, and when I say that I mean it.

I was letting the enemy laugh at me, get the best of me. He took my joy, my happiness, my motivation.
I was letting everything get to me, when all I had to do was Look Up To My God and see His hand out stretched towards me, saying Take my hand, and be blessed Alana.

Just knowing that He loves me, in spite of my faults makes me feel so Good.
I l ove Him.
And with Him, My World is Great, Life is beautiful, and Love conquerors all!


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