Monday, March 16, 2009

your two cents, NOT WANTED!

This morning while I was riding in the car, I was listening to my ipod, and I came across this song: like me by Kirk Franklin.

The song is like a motivator, and a reminder that God likes me, and with knowing that, why does it matter what anyone says or thinks !
I've always been one who has struggled with insecurities. Things got so bad to the point that I didnt feel as if I deserved to walk with my head up high, and I felt as is I had no purpose. I was letting what others thought and felt affect my life to the highest level. Its never a good feeling to feel as if you won't and can't be good enough.

I soon came to realize, that life is precious, and if I'm sitting around stressing on these little things, how can I ever enjoy life and all the things God has blessed me with.

Im not perfect and I still do have some insecurities, shoot I'll admit that today I felt super ugly, but I knew that I had to believe that I was beautiful, and love myself regardless, because how I feel others can see. Beauty as they say is as beautiful as the skin is deep. Loving myself is something Im still working on, it's nothing that happens over night, and I now understand that.

So my lesson learned today is, LOVE yourself, BELIEVE in yourself, and stay TRUE to yourself, no matter what anyone says.
a negative word is just a reminder that obviously your doing something right, and people just can't stand it.
Remember, God loves us despite our faults, and thats such a beautiful thing, He likes me, so what you you really believe that should phase me!?

[love], Alana .

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