Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Prove a Point.

A New Day !

So glad, so glad.

This morning didn't really start off that well, my sister and step dad are always arguing about some mess. And when I say mess I mean like stupid stuff. She gets angry for no reason, he's spazzing out and trying to calm her down at the same time. Stuff is ridiculous if you ask Me.

Well anyways, I get to school today, and see this girl. No names or anything, but I kind of felt jealous for a minute. I started thinking to myself," well dang what is it that she has that I don't".

Maybe its the fact that she's skinny and I'm not or her skin is lighter than mine. Who knows.I don't want to live life as if I'm constantly going to have prove something to someone or a group or people, maybe even the world! Prove that just because I'm bigger than most, that doesn't mean I'm less beautiful or that I'm less of a person.

My whole life I've felt like that. People have always said to me "you're so pretty", "you're such a diva", and tons of other things. I don't ever really pay attention to it because I don't necessarily feel that way about myself.

Low self trying to break out of it.Having weight issues sucks, because until I do something about it I'm always going to feel this way.

Well the whole point of this blog is that, in order to truly love yourself for who you are and the way that God made you is to not worry about others, meaning comparing yourself to them.Inner beauty is the one that will constantly shine, no matter how you look on the outside, and honestly some people don't have that.

They could be completely gorgeous and have the worst personality in the world.

I may not be the girl with the nicest body and the prettiest skin, but I was put on this earth for a purpose and obviously some great reason!I don't have to prove anything to anyone.

[love], Alana.

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