Sunday, March 15, 2009

note to self.


So first let me just say how beautiful life is. I mean dispite the negative circumstances, life is great! I've been embarking on a journey, to self discovery. Its been really nice so far, I mean of course times get hard, and I want to give up, but God just happens to put me right back on my feet again.I've had the hardest time, coming to realize how beautiful of a person I am, and that no matter what anyone else has to say, God created me for a purpose and to accomplish great things in my life. Thats what Im here for, living for God and God alone.Im discovering the little things, that really make me happy. And then there's the things that I thought I liked and wanted and realized well, thats "dumb", and really not "worth it". Focusing is hard for me to do, especially when its boring. Because, yesss, I do get bored really easily-with situations, people, things that are going on, I become bored.But trust me when I say, when your minds focused on positive things, and what God wants for you to be doing, life is so much better. I mean dull moments can feel like the best moments in your life. There's never a sad moment with true joy, you know?

So my journey is still on, Im not quite there yet, discovering, or finding myself will take some time. But Im up for the challenge, and Im willing to follow any path where God may lead me.

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